NEbraskaCERT Conference 2009


Statement of Purpose for the NEbraskaCERT
The NEbraskaCERT is an organization whose mission is based upon two pillars of excellence.

  • Sharing of Knowledge
  • Applied Research
  • 1: Sharing of Knowledge:

    The NEbraskaCERT's primary mission is ensuring that the worldwide CERT Conference is held annually. This conference is designed to be the premier outpouring of all facets of Information Security covering both theoretical and practical aspects. The conference provides detailed material for the working technical professional along with a coherent view of the global strategic picture.

    Additionally the NEbraskaCERT provides repositories of technical information; links to and with other information sources; and assists in providing both academic courses and technical certifications in information security.

    2. Applied Research

    In cooperation with many varied sources the NEbraskaCERT conducts research in the field of information security. Research results are provided through the NEbraskaCERT's Sharing of Knowledge. The NEbraskaCERT uses this research to create and disseminate tools and techniques for practical information security application. Where appropriate the NEbraskaCERT may provide security products it has developed under a fee based structure. Proceeds go towards maintaining the NEbraskaCERT.

    The NEbraskaCERT welcomes both public and private grants for applied research. Research results are disseminated through the appropriate mechanisms within NEbraskaCERT's Sharing of Knowledge.

    3. Volunteers

    As with most two legged organisms, NEbraskaCERT would fall over if it were not for the behind the scenes work of many dedicated and talented volunteers. Without these hard working and technically savvy individuals the Board of Directors of the NEbraskaCERT would be hard pressed to bring to you the wonderful range of services that are available. Thanks to all of the volunteers and other members of the NEbraskaCERT.

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